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Black Jack is the casino version of the game "Twenty one". Main goal of this game is to get as close to 21 points as possible.


You can make initial bet by selecting one of available chips on the border of the table and putting them (with mouse click) on any of the three boxes. You are free to bet either on 1, 2 or all of 3 boxes to play as far as you have enough credits. After initial bets are done, press Deal button on the border to start game round. Later, after the round is finished, you may repeat your bet with Rebet button or clear the table to be able to make new bet with Clear button. Repeating bet is only possible if you have enough credits on your balance. Bets are also limited by a table min/max bet range.


Game is played with 6 decks of 52 cards. Decks are shuffled at the beginning of the game and then again when less than 25% of cards is left before the beginning of the next round. Face cards (Jack, Queen, King) worth 10 points. Cards 2 - 10 worth their value points (2 - two points, etc.). And Ace worth either 1 or 11 points (which one is closer to 21 but not more than 21).

Playing the game

After Deal button is pressed you get two cards on each box you made a bet on and dealer gets one card. You are offered to make a decision whether you want to hit or stand. Depending on the game situation you may also be offered to double, split or make an insurance bet (those are explained later on the page). The hand you are offered to make decision for is marked with arrow above it. In some cases game situation might be clear at this stage (for example, if you have Black Jack or 21 or more points, you may not be offered to make a choice) and game will resume to the next box if available.

Total hand score is written below each hand. Sometimes you may notice a slashed score like "9/19". It means one of your cards is Ace and may be counted as either 1 or 11 points without exceeding 21. "Soft" hand allows you to hit another card without going "busted" (exceeding 21 score). "BJ" in score box means you have Black Jack. Black Jack is 21 points with first two cards dealt. That means it is either Ace + Ten or Ace + face card of any suit and in any order.

Hit will deal another card on the hand you currently play.

Stand leave the current hand as it is and move to the next one if available.

Double is only available on the first two cards dealt if their total score is 9, 10 or 11 points. Double is also possible on "soft" 9 or 10. Double means original box bet is doubled and you will be automatically given only one new card in addition to the first two cards. That last card is placed perpendicularly above first two to recognize double bet.

Split is allowed only if first two dealt cards are of the same value (3 and 3, Queen and Queen, etc). An extra bet equal to the original bet is placed. Each of two resulting bets applies to one of the split cards. Split cards are played then as separate hands. If you split two Aces you will only receive one card in addition to each of Aces. Split also makes Black Jack impossible (it is counted as 21 points hand).

Insurance is offered if a dealer's first card is Ace. It is only possible to insure before making other decisions like Hit, Double or Split. Insurance is impossible if you have Black Jack. Insurance means an extra bet half size of the original bet is placed on the insurance line. You will be paid out a double of the insurance bet if a dealer gets Black Jack. No Black Jack on dealer's cards means insurance bet is lost.

After you made your decisions for all of the hands you have bets on, dealer draws cards until he has 17 (including "soft") or more points on his hand.


- If you have Black Jack you win one and half times your bet unless dealer also has Black Jack, then it is "push" (you receive nothing but your bet back)
- If your score is 21 or less but more than dealer's score, you win one time your bet.
- If your score is 21 or less and dealer's score is more than 21 you win one time your bet.
- If your score is 21 or less and equal to dealer's score it is "push". Your bet stays.
- If your score is more than 21 you lose your bet (even if dealer's score is also more than 21).
- If your score is not above 21 but less than dealer's score (which is also 21 or less) you lose your bet.

Lost bets are moved towards the dealer. If there’s a "push" your bet is left on its place. Won amounts are moved towards the corresponding bets.

After all bets have been paid out you will be offered to Rebet or Clear and make new bet (see above).

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